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Posted on: July 22, 2020


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July 22, 2020

There has been much talk/discussion around town and on social media regarding the removal of the “R.E. Lee” name from the Thomaston-Upson Government Complex building, the removal of two paintings (R.E. Lee and John B. Gordon) from the auditorium, and various other changes surrounding imagery, flags, etc., that are displayed on/at public property. 

The topic was slated for discussion at the regular meeting of the Mayor and Council for August 4, 2020.  However, at the beginning of COVID-19, the public comment portion of the Council’s agenda was indefinitely suspended as a mitigation effort to help with social distancing at public meetings.  To that effect, the reinstitution of that portion of the Council’s agenda was discussed at the regular meeting held on July 21, 2020 and was not reenacted.

The Mayor and City Council understand that this issue is one of great emotional concern to all parties - those supporting a change, and those opposed.  For that reason, the matter will not be placed on a Council agenda until such time as the matter can be discussed via public comment, town hall session, or other venue appropriate to allow for all voices to be heard.  

Until such a mechanism is agreed upon by the elected body, citizens wishing to express their opinions should contact their elected representatives. City of Thomaston Councilmembers’ Contact Information can be found in the link below:

From a procedural stand point regarding the Government Complex and grounds, any potential changes require majority support from the Thomaston City Council and the Upson County Board of Commissioners as the facilities are jointly owned.  Once the matter is considered by the Thomaston City Council, if any changes are recommended, such recommendations would be forwarded via resolution to the Upson County Board of Commissioners for their consideration.


Russell E. Thompson

City Manager

City of Thomaston

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