Thomaston-Upson County Airport

The Thomaston-Upson County Airport currently has a 3,000 square foot terminal building with a conference room, pilot lounge, and flight planning. There is one 400 foot by 400 foot ramp for transient flights at the terminal building. There is a 400 foot by 500 foot ramp adjacent to 8 corporate hangars with 4 additional corporate hangar spaces available. The airport has 96 T-Hanger spaces with 3 access points to the main taxiway. 

There are 40 acres of undeveloped space with access to the main taxiway. There is 12,000 gallons of storage each for Avgas and JetA with designated fuel trucks for each. The 100 foot wide runways and 35 foot taxiways are all stressed for 55,000 Number dual wheel gear with precision approach ILS on Runway 30 and WAAS GPS approach for Runway 12.