Planning & Zoning

The City Manager's office is responsible for the planning and zoning functions for The City of Thomaston. A zoning map, zoning ordinance, applications, zoning verification form, and calendar of scheduled zoning hearings can be found here.  

Starting a new business in The City of Thomaston? 

Contact Oasis Nichols prior to leasing/purchasing a commercial property, remodeling, or new construction to obtain your Zoning Verification Letter to ensure your intended use is compliant with the current zoning ordinance.  

Building Permits can be obtained from the City of Thomaston Building Official

 An Occupational Tax Certificate is required before opening your new business. You will need a copy of your Zoning Verification Letter when applying for your Occupational Tax Certificate

Zoning Requests

Applications for rezoning, variance, annexation, and special use permits should be submitted to the City Clerk, Oasis Nichols.  

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Zoning Ordinance and Map