Public Works

Parks & Public Spaces

The City of Thomaston Parks and Public Spaces department oversees the city parks and all public spaces. Department workers do the following things: 

  • Clean catch basins
  • Cut grass and maintain parks, islands, and city lots 
  • Maintain the city’s 2,000 tree urban forest
  • Sweep streets

Parks & Pavilion Rentals

Find information about individual parks in Thomaston.

City Parks

Park Information
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Farmers Market Flyer


The Streets section of Public Works has many duties including:

  • Cutting the grass on all city streets
  • Maintaining the city's closed landfill
  • Patching potholes
  • Picking up dead animals from the city right of way
  • Repairing and replacing sidewalks
  • Replacing all city street signs
  • Unstopping and replacing storm drains

All roadways in the city other than state highways are the responsibility of the department.

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